Letras de Idina Menzel

Something Bad

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(feat. William Youmans)

[spoken] Oh, Miss Elphaba - The things one hears these days. Dreadful things...
[sung] I've heard of an Ox
A professor from Quox
No longer permitted to teach
Who has lost all powers of speech
And an Owl in Munchkin Rock
A vicar with a thriving flock
Forbidden to preach
Now he can only screech!
Only rumors - but still -
Enough to give pause
To anyone with paws
Something bad is happening in Oz...

Something bad? Happening in Oz?

Under the surface
Behind the scenes
Something baaaaaaad...
[spoken] Sorry. "Bad"

[ELPHABA (spoken)]
Doctor Dillamond - If something bad is happening
to the Animals, someone's got to tell the Wizard.
That's why we have a Wizard.
[sung] So nothing bad....

[spoken] I hope you're right...

Nothing all that bad...

Nothing truly baaaaaad....
[spoken] Sorry... "Bad"...

It couldn't happen here
In Oz...